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Focus on the Farmer: Meet Steph and Cody From Little Red Farms

Cody & Steph have been founding members of the Rock River Regenerative Graziers from day 1 and their commitment have been pivotal to get us off of the ground in our amazing first year as a group. They have been married since 2014 and began their part-time farming journey in 2016. Cody works as a firefighter and is a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, and Steph works as a registered nurse, but they aspire to become full-time farmers. This fall little red farms is selling premium pastured pork off of their regenerative farm, and we cant wait for you to try their products!

To go directly to their sales page, or read below to learn about their farm and pork process.

Happy Fall! Our pigs have had a great summer living on pasture and are still foraging in our wooded areas. We provide them with non-GMO grain as a supplement to the natural plants, nuts, and berries. In order to have them out on pasture, they must be electric fence trained just like our cows. This allows us to move them anywhere on the farm so they are always provided with optimal forage. We move their waterer and feeder with them. The pigs do a great job of managing brush and weeds throughout the pastures. Their desire to root in the ground provides new opportunities for different grass species to thrive. We truly enjoy raising pigs on the farm and look forward to them arriving every spring.

Some of the different products available: As the temperature drops, people start to think about the long, cold winter ahead and filling their freezer and we can help you with that providing you with a variety of pastured pork products. Everything comes frozen and vacuumed sealed from Johnson's Sausage Shoppe in Rio, WI. They do an excellent job with all of their pork products and have a lot of options to choose from.

Example Cut Sheet from Johnson's Sausage Shoppe This is an example of the cutting instruction sheet we get from the the butcher shop. When you purchase a half or whole pig you get the option to have custom cutting instructions for your family. As you can see they have lots of options to choose from.

How it all works: We still have plenty of availability for our upcoming group of pigs. The meat will be available to pick up from our farm around Christmas time. When purchasing pigs directly from us the pricing is based on the hanging weight of the carcass. The take home weight will be less than the hanging weight because of the butchering process. For a half pig, the price is $3.25/lb. A whole pig is $3.00/lb. Our average weights have been approximately 120lbs on a half which would cost $390 for the meat. You would take home approximately 100lbs of meat. The butchering fee is separate and is based on items selected on the cutting instructions sheet. Most of the time this fee is usually around $200 but can vary depending on the selection. If interested in purchasing a whole or half pig visit our ordering page here:

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