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The Rock River Regenerative Graziers are a diverse group of Jefferson County livestock producers who are already practicing rotational grazing or are in the process of converting to rotational grazing.   They range from experienced master graziers with well established rotational grazing farms to beginning farmers in the pasture establishment process.


Little Red Farms

Cody and Steph Brueggen run Little Red Farms in Whitewater, Wisconsin. They’ve developed an amazing rotational grazing system for their beef herd. They direct-market their 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pastured pork & poultry. Their products can be reserved on their website or purchased at the Whitewater and Waukesha Farmers Markets.

Enchanted Hearth Farm

Tiffany Carey owns and operates Enchanted Hearth Farm, Ixonia, Wisconsin.  She has vast knowledge of perennial agricultural systems and community engagement.  New to Wisconsin and this land, she is adding infrastructure to create a rotational grazing system for the goats & sheep; planning a silvopasture tree planting and tending to her recently created orchard on their 37 acres.

High Meadow Farm

Mike Kelly and his family have operated High Meadow Farm in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin for decades.   They have operated a premier certified organic vegetable CSA for many years.  They are currently expanding their sheep flock and rotational grazing acres.  Their produce, lamb, and wool goods can be ordered through their web page and picked up at the farm.

Soap of the Earth

Lori Hoyt runs Soap of the Earth in Whitewater, Wisconsin. She and her son tend to a small herd of dairy goats whose milk is used to make soap. They are developing infrastructure on a recently purchased adjacent property to rotationally graze beef cattle.   Soap of the Earth’s products can be found at Farmers’ Markets in numerous cities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, select retailers, and online

Stock Family Farm

Ken & Molly Stock are first-generation farmers who have embraced regenerative agriculture and are building Stock Family Farm, Helenville, WI.  They are raising lamb and chickens on pasture and hogs in hoop houses.  They are busy enhancing their rotational grazing system for the sheep flock.  Their flavorful chicken, eggs, lamb and pork is served in local restaurants and can be reserved on their website for on-farm pick up.

Brattset Family Farm

Kirsten Jurcek is an experienced rotational grazier and enjoys mentoring other farmers as they begin their regenerative agriculture journey. She and her family operate Brattset Family Farm, a 300-acre grazing farm located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.  They direct-market delicious 100% grass-fed and finished beef as custom beef and can be contacted through their web page. 

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